Thursday, April 28, 2011

Baptism Invitations

I have an exciting new project coming in 2013 and it means the free baptism invitations offer will expire. If you're sad and you didn't snag them while you could, I'm so thrilled to announce that I will be offering beautifully printed baptism invitations shipped right to your door!

My new Primary Papers line will launch Early 2013 and I have so many new beautiful designs. I loved sending digital files to my readers, but I often felt disappointed that many of them chose to print them at Costco on photo paper. Don't get me wrong. I dearly love Costco, but I don't think they excel in the invitation printing category. My new invitations are printed on fabulous heavy papers of the finest quality.

Watch my blog for Primary Papers launch because there will be an amazing discount for the earliest shoppers!

Here are the first four designs I came up with:

This one is designed to have the photo printed on the back.

I will continue to post new designs as I think them up. Leave a comment or email me at with your questions.


  1. Hi Belinda! Thank you so much for visiting my site!!! I love your blog! And these cards are so cute! Great designs!

  2. Thanks Star! I am totally digging your MBA lessons. That's the only way I would understand any of that stuff. You're one smart cookie!

  3. Is this available beginning in January? I would like to get a quote on invitations. Thanks!

    1. Sarah, I've actually had so many responses to my baptism invitations that I had to open my shop a little early. There are already several designs available. Check it out!